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The three suspense-thrillers comprising the Faithless Elector series are: Faithless Elector, Dark Network and Emergency Powers.
(The series is available for a special eBook price via Kindle, and the paperbacks are available wherever books are sold.) BASTARD VERDICT debuts May 18!

Though focused on the feisty Imogen’s struggles, the books have a ripped-from-the-headlines feel: a jaded, cynical electorate, a fractious FBI, an undermined Attorney General, powerful people exploiting the rule of law for their own gain, and a plot to attack the capitol. (There’s even a prison murder made to look like a suicide.)

FAITHLESS ELECTOR, March 23, 2016 – Everyone thinks the election is over, but six weeks in politics can be a lifetime...or the end of one. An idealistic, young researcher stumbles onto a plot to steal the presidency, with deadly consequences.
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DARK NETWORK, October 20, 2017 – Without law, there’s only power. FBI Agent Imogen Trager is alone and in grave danger from a conspiracy she failed to destroy. She’ll have to fight against time, a sinister network, and even her own colleagues to defeat it.
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EMERGENCY POWERS, October 1, 2020 – The accidental president is no accident. The investigation that was FBI Agent Imogen Trager’s undoing may be the key to stopping a brutal, false flag terrorist attack meant to tighten a puppet president’s grip on power.

BASTARD VERDICT (on sale, May 18, 2023) - a compelling suspense-thriller that weaves high stakes, low politics, and complex characters into a noir tale of power, loss and Faustian bargains. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WIN, JUST DON'T LOSE.
When a Scottish government official enlists FBI Elections Specialist, Imogen Trager (on research leave at the University of Glasgow) in the fall of 2023 to look into the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum—ostensibly as a means of ensuring that a possible second referendum will be conducted fairly—he claims that he wants an outsider’s unencumbered view. But the government official may not be what he seems, and the trail Imogen follows becomes twisted and deadly, leading to a corrupt cabal intent on holding on to power. At any cost.

McCrone's work both on an off the page deals with politics and issues of deomcracy, accountability and justice.

Culinati, a play that asks, "What would you serve if your life depended on it?" upcoming

Milton & Marvel, a historical novel (or play?) - upcoming

The Quickest of Us - unpublished
"If we had a keen sense of life about us, it would be like watching the grass grow or hearing the squirrel's heartbeat, and we should die of that roar that lies at the other side of silence. As it is, the quickest of us walk about well wadded with stupidity."

Hours - unpublished

"Eight O'clock Sharp," in Retreats from Oblivion: The Journal of NoirCon Jan./2022
"Ultimatum Games," in Rock and a Hard Place magazine - Winter/Issue #7 - Jan./2022
"Nostalgia," in in Low Down Dirty Vote, vol. 3, May 15, 2022.
"Numbers Don't Lie," a short story LOW DOWN DIRTY VOTE, Vol. 2 - July, 2020
"Service," a monologue. Anchovy Review. December 1993 Seattle, WA
"In the Valley of the Moon," a short story. Arnazella. May 1993 Bellevue Community College
"Expectation," Arnazella. May 1992
The Quickest of Us. Chapters 1 and 2 excerpted in two parts in bricolage, University of Washington Vol. 4, Nos. 1 and 2 1987
"Spring and Chocolate Milk," Matrix, University of Washington. 22 January 1986
"Inertia," Feminist Baseball September, 1985
"In My Solitude," Fusion West. Summer 1985. The Evergreen State College Service

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